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I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge and support Allison provided. She was great with my son and gave us good
'homework" to do to help him correct his issues.


Allison did a terrific job helping me with my jaw. I was in pain for weeks and I could not figure it out. She was awesome!


I was a mouth breather caused by my tongue tie (corrected at the age of 31 😬) and didn’t even know my tongue was supposed to rest at the roof of my mouth because it had never been able to! Thanks to Allison Savic, my tongue now rests right where it’s supposed to and my mouth is closed all night long! It’s amazing the problems that your tongue can cause when it’s not resting in it’s correct place (for me it was neck/shoulder tension, TMJ issues, open bite even after braces, incorrect tongue placement when saying certain letters, HUGE allergy issues, bad posture, restless sleep, receding gums, and even more...I didn’t realize ANY of those other than the bite issues were related to my tongue). I’m very much a proponent for finding out whether a tongue tie, adenoids, sinuses, etc are causing the issues, whatever it is, mouth breathing isn’t normal!

Doctor K

I’m a pediatric dentist in Middle TN and trusted Allison to help my daughter stop thumb sucking. I preferred to stop the habit before her permanent teeth came in and without big, clunky metal appliances. Allison’s program helped my daughter stop on day ONE and gave her the confidence to put the thumb away for good. Allison’s personality is fun and engaging and her clinical expertise stands alone. Couldn’t recommend more highly!


I want to tell you all about how amazing Allison Savic with OMT of Nashville is. I've been working with her since March (after my tongue tie and lower lip tie revision) with the main goals of chewing and swallowing properly, improving my posture, and stopping snoring. Allison told me about an app called SnoreLab that monitors and records snoring during the night. On March 16th, I spent almost an hour and a half snoring, which is awful! No wonder I was waking up feeling so exhausted in the mornings. After doing my daily exercises, on August 13th, my SnoreLab report showed that I barely snored at all. I am so pleased and glad that I chose to work with Allison!
In addition to stopping snoring, my posture has improved tremendously.


Dear Allison,

Thank you so much for all you've done for me. When I began sessions with you I was suffering from chronic jaw pain and headaches. I must admit I began treatment very dubious that OMT could help me. I, fortunately, was wrong. I no longer have jaw pain, and the headaches have ceased. I'm so grateful to you. What you do is truly healing. I feel like I have my life back!

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